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Notice of Proposed Joint PURP: Wabash Valley Power Association, Inc.


Wabash Valley Power Association, Inc.(“WVPA”)on behalf of itself and Parke County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (the “Participating Member”)hereby gives this notice of their intent to file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) requesting approval of a proposed Joint Implementation Plan (“Joint Plan”) to jointly implement their respective obligations under Section 210 of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (16 U.S.C. §824a-3)(“PURPA”) and under Part 292 of FERC’s Regulations.

The Joint Plan provides that (1) WVPA and the Participating Member will interconnect with and operate in parallel with any QF that adheres to applicable rules and regulations pertaining to generator interconnection; (2) on behalf of itself and the Participating Member, WVPA will purchase capacity and energy from QFs at a rate that is at least equal to WVPA’s avoided costs; (3) the Participating Member will sell supplementary, back-up and maintenance power to a QF, upon request, on either a firm or interruptible basis, in accordance with the applicable law and the Participating Member’s applicable rates, rules, and regulations governing retail service, and on the terms that are consistent with the ones offered to the Participating Member’s  other customers with similar load or other cost-related characteristics; and (4) no QF will be subject to duplicative charges for interconnection or wheeling solely as a result of selling to WVPA and buying from the Participating Member.

In the filing with FERC, WVPA, on behalf of itself and the Participating Member, plans to apply for waiver of certain obligations under Section 292.303 of FERC’s Regulations which, if granted, would result in all purchases from QFs being made by WVPA and all sales to QFs interconnected with the Participating Member’s  electric distribution system being made by the Participating Member.

Copies of the proposed Joint Plan will be sent to interested parties upon request. WVPA will also accept written comments on the proposed Joint Plan. WVPA intends to file for approval of the Joint Plan with FERC on or after December 12, 2018. FERC will publish notice of WVPA’s filing in the Federal Register following receipt of the filing. That notice will specify that any person desiring to be heard in this matter can make the appropriate filing with the FERC.

Inquiries concerning this matter should be addressed to:

Wabash Valley Power Association, Inc.

Attn: General Counsel

722 N. High School Road

Indianapolis, IN  46214

(317) 481-2800 (telephone)

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