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Artist Selected For Bicentennial Mural


The Rockville Mural Committee has selected an artist for the Rockville Bicentennial Mural Project.  This mural will be installed along the alley way of the buildings on the north side of the square in Rockville.  Fundraising is being conducted through local organizations, businesses, and individuals.  The mural will have a strong Rockville and Parke County representation, celebrating all that our community has to offer.  This mural will also provide photo opportunities for tourists and community members to take part in.

The artist that has been selected is Ronnie Walters, Mystica Creations of Crawfordsville, and a former resident of the Turkey Run area.  Walters is a full time Spray Artist/Graffiti Artist/Muralist.  Of his career, Walters stated, “My goals and aspirations are to create positive waves in different communities through art/murals. I have always been creative since I was a child. Always trying new techniques and getting out of my comfort zone.”

To stay up to date on this project, please follow the Rockville Murals Facebook page.