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Legal Notice – Additional Appropriations, County Council

Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of Parke County, Indiana that the proper legal officer of Parke County Council at their regular meeting place at Parke County Annex Building #1, 110 East High Street, Rockville, at 9 o’clock a.m. on the 13TH day of April, 2023, will consider the following additional appropriations in excess of the budget for Budget year 2023.


2023 Problem Solving Court

Travel & Training                                                                                                                 $277.97

Judge’s Incentives                                                                                                              $1,200.00

Call In System                                                                                                                    $1,152.00

Participant Services                                                                                                           $1,965.00

Chemical Test Equipment                                                                                                 $2,190.00

Total 2023 Problem Solving Court                                                  Total               $6,784.97


Bulletproof Vest Probation LLC

Equipment                                                                                                                          $1,372.47

Total Bulletproof Vest Probation LLC                                           Total               $1,372.47


Statewide 911

Dispatchers                                                                                                                         $1,307.75

Total Statewide 911                                                                            Total               $1,307.75


Problem Solving Court

Case Manager Salary – Even Year                                                                                    $1,418.42

Total Problem Solving Court                                                            Total              $1,418.42


Park and Rec

Grounds Equipment                                                                                                         $13,392.61

Total Park and Rec                                                                             Total            $13,392.61


Pre-Trial Diversion

Equipment                                                                                                                          $5,000.00

Total Pre-Trial Diversion                                                                   Total              $5,000.00


Forfeitures & Seizures

Equipment                                                                                                                        $30,000.00

Total Forfeitures & Seizures                                                              Total           $30,000.00


Central Parke TIF

Service Contracts                                                                                                        $1,700,000.00

Total Central Parke TIF                                                                       Total     $1,700,000.00


Taxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have a right to be heard. The additional appropriations as finally made will be referred to the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF). The DLGF will make a written determination as to the sufficiency of funds to support the appropriations made within fifteen (15) days of receipt of a Certified Copy of the action taken.


Dated: March 29, 2023

John K. Pratt

President, Parke County Council

Attest: Mary Anne Wood

Parke County Auditor