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CERTIFICATES OF ACHIEVEMENT. Adams Township Trustee Sharon Malone presented several individuals with  Certificates of Achievement for completing the training and certification required by the FAA to fly and utilize the new drone purchased by Rockville-Adams Fire Department. The drone was purchased with the remaining funds acquired by the department by the sale of equipment in 2016. Pictured (from left) Rockville-Adams Assistant Chief Josh Sorrels,  Lietenant Jeff Ramey,  Chief Jim Veach and Captain Chadd Wilson. (Sentinel photo by Lisa Wood)

Rockville-Adams Township Fire Department is continually adapting its response to emergencies that are increasing in both severity and complexity. The C&K Liquor Store Fire was a massive fire that required multiple pieces of equipment and mutual aid from several area departments. One piece of equipment that the Rockville-Adams Township Fire Department did not have was a piece of technology. The department was able to locate this piece of technology; however, it was over an hour before it was being utilized. The delay was due to having to locate the resource. The piece of technology being referred to is an Unmanned Aircraft System, more commonly called a drone.

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