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Sportsmanship Pins


SPORTSMANSHIP PINS. Parke Heritage High School volleyball players Hallie Miller and Carly Newnum received an Exemplary Behavior Report from one of North Vermillion’s Athletic Administrators. Saturday, September 30, during the Banks of the Wabash Volleyball Tournament held at North Vermillion, the two girls took the initiative to help the administrators set up a practice volleyball net. Parke Heritage High School principal Bruce Patton presented the two young ladies with a Sportsmanship pin on behalf of the IHSAA and Parke Heritage Athletics. The IHSAA sportsmanship pin is presented to students, parents, coaches, officials or any fan that represents what being a champion of high school sports is all about. Pictured are (from left) Hallie Miller, Bruce Patton and Carly Newnum. (photo submitted)