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PHHS Drama “Cry Wolf”

CRY WOLF. The Parke Heritage High School Drama department presented “Cry Wolf!”  to Turkey Run Elementary students Monday, November 23 and Rockville Elementary Tuesday, November 24. After 50 years, the wolves have returned to the forest. The inhabitants of the nearby village are in an uproar-their survival depends on their flock of sheep, the wolves’ favorite food. The cast of characters includes a boy named Peter (Cooper Vincent), his father Hunter (Blake Harris), Little Red Riding Hood (Cassie Miller), Granny (Hannah Thurman), the Three Little Pigs (Abigail Bonomo, Treyton Burgess, and Hailey Bonomo), Virginia Wolf (Ava Barger), Little Bo Peep (Jenna McVay), and a rebel sheep named Snowflake (Natalie Tome) as they try to outwit that biggest villain of them all, the Big Bad Wolf (Gavin Jacks), in this zany mash-up of bedtime favorites. Even some staff members joined in on the fun. The play was performed at center court with the characters interacting with the audience.  Cast members are (front row, from left) director Susan Bumgardner, Treyton Burgess, Abbi Bonomo, Hailey Bonomo, (middle row) Natalie Tome, Blake Harris, Cooper Vincent, Ava Barger, Gavin Jacks, Hannah Thurman, Ashlee Clodfelter, (back row) Jenna McVay and Cassie Miller. (photo submitted)