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Hometown Holiday’s Tree Lighting


Brad and Susan Bumgardner set the bar high for next year’s Grand Marshal Selection. The Bumgardners’ 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. careers alone have shaped this community in so many ways, but most aren’t’ aware of their 24/7 “jobs”.

Brad is currently the Executive Director for the Parke County Community Foundation and past career as the Pastor of the Rockville Christian Church. Both positions have provided a great deal of community service to Parke County. As Executive Director, Brad has played a large part in many community organizations and projects that have made Parke County what it is today. In both positions, he has served as a mentor for countless members of this community. Brad is certainly a staple of Parke County.

Susan has worked in Elementary Education for most of her career but started in a preschool setting. She has had a hand in shaping our youth and is a huge asset to Rockville Elementary as the Title 1 teacher. Her enthusiasm for teaching and our children especially shines through in the Title 1 nights she hosts. You will find her greeting everyone that walks in with a huge smile and well in character. Her passion for students is genuine and hard to replicate.

Both Brad and Susan are supporters of the drama programs in our community. They have performed in many plays for the Parke Players over the years.

In addition to all their work for the community, they are still able to keep a close relationship with all three of their daughters and grandchildren.