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Mary Jo Harney

We have been so fortunate here at the Sentinel to be included in some pretty good stuff, received dozens and dozens of honors, some pretty stiff competition, and some accolades that made us shed more than a few tears. We were the last day of activates for “Reading Boot Camp” as they (the volunteers) gave it 150% one more time. And what a day it was.

We were privileged to watch and be part of their opening activities, Lisa gave a five minute pitch about “words” and how they affect our lives, and then we showcased this great old business with a tour for many, many kiddos and volunteers. Our “please do not touch” signs here and there were acknowledged as they ambled along listening to how we do things now and the changes that come with life. Every kiddo got a Sentinel pencil, a magnet to put their work up on the refrigerator at home and a copy of the newspaper and calendar to take home.

The program for the week was titled “Words are powerful” and included Phonics drill practice, spelling, handwriting and special guests. Every day of the five days brought a new business or entity that the kids would learn about as a major part of life here in Parke County. Monday was G & M Variety and included a visit to the store with Gary and Mary, a hike to the Parke County Public Library with a police escort, (those guys were on hand daily for safety and security wherever the attendees went).

For the full article, see the June 21 edition of the Parke County Sentinel.