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By Mary Jo Harney

Well we are just now observing the 45th anniversary of the Blizzard of 1978. What a time it was, and I don’t mean just having the kids stay home from school and playing in the snow. Yessiree! I mean the kind that could hide a snow plow behind drifts, the kind that left you no money ‘cause the banks were snowed closed, the kind that brought out every human who had a snow mobile — to run groceries, food in general, deliver medicines, you name it and the good guys were doing the job.

Not the Harney family. We lived only a block from the newspaper office, and we thought we were young and could tramp through anything, so back and forth we would go, with only publishing and getting the papers in the mail as necessary, our main concern. Except for…..

We were going on a cruise with friends, not that we had the money, but it just seemed like a good idea when we were making reservations months before. The girls would stay home with our wonderful Mrs. Seybold, and off we would go in the warm weather. “Ignorance is bliss” only works a bit of the time, and we soon found ourselves in a variety of unusual situations over and over.

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