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Town of Rockville Liaison Gives Update On Various Projects

The Town of Rockville has completed many projects for the 2022 year, and is looking forward to making even more progress in 2023.  The Town Council, Clerk/Treasurer’s Office, and Rockville Utilities have been working hard to get things done.  Below is just a brief overview of what we have completed, and a look ahead at what is to come.

Waste Water

–ISI from Orleans, IN was awarded the bid for the Highway 41 North Sewer Expansion Project.  Construction is expected to begin in January of 2023.

–Clarifier Drive was replaced in the east tank.

–Replacement of blower #2 is pending.

–Installation of an automatic switch for Generator two is underway.


–The Town is currently applying for funding for a water improvement project.  This project focuses on needed repairs at the wells, pump house, main water lines, valves, and meters.  Total anticipated Cost = $2.6 million.  Announcement of award to be made in January  2023

–Contracted with Veolia to provide long term Water Storage Tank Maintenance

–Contracted with Indiana H2O to develop a water line inventory to comply with EPA requirements regarding lead and copper.

–Repaired 15 significant water leaks throughout town.


–Our electric department has repaired or replaced 12  street/security lights and responded to seven outages.  Vegetation trimming or cutting occurred at 22 locations.   A total of seven utility poles were replaced by our crew.

–Our electrical partner, the Indiana Municipal Power Association has replaced 20 new poles this year.  Since 2018, the total number of poles that IMPA has replaced is 76.

–IMPA is currently finishing up a project that will allow a secondary route for the 3 phase feed to our water pump house and wells.  They will also be responsible for our pole relocations for the S. Market project in 2023.

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