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Rockville Town Council Wraps Up 2022

By Elijah Warner

Sentinel Reporter

Rockville Town Council held their final meeting of the year December 19. All council members were present.

Council thanked Mainstreet of Rockville for their hard work on holiday decorations as well as Crum Logistic Services for donating a semi-tractor to Parke Heritage for CDL training.

First to appear was Karla Losin of Branson Insurance presenting insurance renewal information for 2023. Losin also presented the cyber liability policy renewal. The cyber policy doesn’t renew until February 9 and covers up to $1,000,000. The 2022 premium was $6,725, and Losin quoted $10,070 for 2023; An increase of $3,345. Council voted to renew at this quoted rate. The town’s package policy covering terrorism was quoted at $66,206 and workers compensation was quoted at $68,253 for 2023.

Cyndi Todd presented the Wessler agreement for the sewer PER and received council approval. This would be at no cost to the town. The grant application for the water improvement project is due Thursday, December 22. The application requires community engagement to be successful and emails and pictures to the town are much appreciated.

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