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Legal Notice – Adams Township Trustee Office, Fire Apparatus Purchase

The Adams Township Trustee Office will be receiving bids for borrowing $745,000.00 for fire apparatus purchase.


All bids must be received by the bid opening time which is September 22, 2022 meeting at 1:00 p.m. in the Trustee office. Bids shall not be awarded at that time but tabled until final approval or borrowing has been obtained from the Adams Township attorney. The bid shall be awarded by the Adams Township Trustee and Board. Upon award of the bid the lender shall be notified within 24 hours (excluding week-ends and holidays) by the Adams Township Trustee.


Interested parties may contact the Adams Township Trustee for the Bid Requirement sheet.


Sharon Malone

Adams Township Trustee

Phone: 765-569-5299