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CrossFit Comes to Rockville



NEW CROSSFIT GYM. 51 Bridges CrossFit recently opened on Pennsylvania Street in Rockville. (photo submitted)


By Chloe Kramer

Sentinel Reporter

A journey that started in 2014 has resulted in a new gym in Rockville. Mike and Jen Pendleton had just started their fitness journey with CrossFit. Nearly ten year later, they are opening a gym in their hometown, 51 Bridges CrossFit.

Collectively they have lost over 230 pounds after “decades of struggling with obesity, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes” Jen recalls. “We know and understand how hard it is to get and stay healthy. It has been a life-long struggle for us.” CrossFit changed their lives, and now they want to help Parke County residents find the same change.

During their journey, they were looking for a strength and conditioning gym in the area and didn’t find one. They soon began to realize that if they wanted one in Rockville, it was going to have to be them who opened it. They took the leap of faith with the CrossFit methodology that they love and invested in their hometown.

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