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New Law for Home-Based Food Vendors


Liddy Dowd-Wright

Parke County Health Department

If you sell food in Indiana, you are either a Retail Food Establishment or a Home-Based Vendor (HBF). If you sell goods at farmer’s markets or roadside stands, you are operating as a home- based vendor. Indiana recently passed a new law (HB 1149 (hbvPhb1149.04.enrs.pdf)) which includes changes affecting home-based vendors.

A HBF (home-based vendor) is someone that: Has made, grown, or raised a food product at their primary residence, property owned or leased by them and is selling the food product they made, grew, or raised only at a roadside stand or farmer’s market; poultry, rabbit and eggs may be sold from the farm.

For the full article, see this week’s edition of the Parke County Sentinel.