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Medicine Drop Off Kiosk New At J.R. Pharmacy


By Chloe Kramer

Sentinel Reporter

J.R. Pharmacy now has a kiosk to drop off old medication. Anyone is welcome to use the kiosk to drop off medication; one does not need to be a client in order to use the kiosk.

Prescriptions, vitamins, prescription ointments, pet medication, prescription patches and over-the-counter medications are all accepted. However, needles, inhalers, aerosol cans, thermometers, lotions or liquids and hydrogen peroxide are not.

The public is welcome to drop off medication during normal operating hours. When dropping off any medication, remove any personal information from the medication packaging. One also needs to make sure the pill bottle, packaging or plastic bags are firmly sealed to avoid spilling. Directions are also listed on kiosk.

While it is not known how long the kiosk it will we be in Rockville, it will be placed at J.R. Pharmacy for at least a year.

To drop of old medications visit J.R. Pharmacy at 1330 N. Lincoln Road, Rockville, Indiana 47872. For questions or more information call (765) 569-6900.

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