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Rockville Town Council Hears Lengthy PD Update

By Lisa Wood

News Coordinator

Monday night began with the second Public Hearing by Rockville Town Council on the OCRA Grant submission for the town’s water project. There were no questions or comments from the public. A motion passed to formally close the hearing.

Next, Council officially opened its regular meeting. Town attorney Nick Sauter presented Council with an ordinance regarding such things as grass clippings and leaves not being left in streets or alleys after residents clean their yards. This ordinance had passed in 2018 and he reminded them the paperwork for the ordinance could not be found. He presented them with a redraft to be passed.  Motion carried. He reminded Asher that it is required to be published one time within 30 days to make it enforceable.

Sauter presented a resolution for matching funds for the OCRA grant of the water system improvement project. He said, “This just indicates where the matching funds would come from.”  Council approved the resolution.

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