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National Square Dance Association Holds 64th International Camporee In Parke Co.


By Chloe Kramer

Sentinel Reporter

The Parke County Fairgrounds recently hosted the National Square Dance Campers Association’s (NSDCA) 64th International Camporee. They camped and utilized the facilities at the fairgrounds June 14 to June 16; they had crafts, cookouts, dancing and other activities their members. Their President John Ide described square dancing as the “original folk dance of America”. Rockville was home to people from all over the United States, many traveling from Florida, California and New York.

Each year a new location is selected from the International Camporee. The members 0f the NSDCA enjoy traveling and exploring the county. Many couples live in their campers, yet several others travel to events.

For the full article, see this week’s edition of the Parke County Sentinel.