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Indiana DNR Entomology Summary Report

By Chloe Kramer

Sentinel Reporter

The Division of Natural Resources (DNR) released its Entomology and Plant Pathology Review for early June. Nursery Inspector and Compliance Officer Ken Cote noted that Catalpa is beginning to bloom, but Bagworm has not yet hatched. There has also been some evidence of Redheaded Flea Beetles beginning to feed. He noted that susceptible plants include Red Twig Dogwood, Itea, Hyrangea pannicuata and Japanese Beauty Berry. Adult Redheaded Flea Beetles can be found on the back of leaves and have a black body with red head. Cote also found Maple mites; however, they are not common in the area. He notes that the danger with these mites lies in their ability to feed in both cool and hot weather. They will continue to feed throughout the summer, and plants effected with have stippling or small white spots.

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