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Deputy and K-9 Receive Out-of-State Trainings

By Jessica Lancaster

Sentinel Reporter

Sheriff’s Deputy, Josh Milbourn and three-year-old K-9, Kilo, recently attended specialized trainings in Iowa at the beginning of May. This weeklong session consists of trainings that provide certifications through Dogs for Law Enforcement. Competitions are hosted during the first part of the week, while the remainder focuses on trainings.

Monday kicked off with a patrol competition where the K-9 is required to do two exercises. First, they must conduct an attack on a decoy and the officer is to call him off. And second,  the decoy is to run, and the officer is to deploy the dog for the bite and be recalled before reaching the decoy. They are then judged on how well they work together. Milbourn and Kilo tied for second with another competitor at which time they were required to face-off to determine rankings. The pair ended the competition in third place out of more than 60 teams participating.

For the full article, see this week’s edition of the Parke County Sentinel.