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CVC Hosts Meeting

By Lisa Wood

News Coordinator

Parke County Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) held its annual meeting Tuesday, April 19, at Bridge 61 in Rockville with the majority of board members present. Current members of the Board of Directors is Jim Meece president, Celia Case secretary, Diana Bartlow treasurer, Doug Weisheit marketing chair, Courtney Cook social media chair, Chris Newcomb, Tim Thurman, Tammy Rees, Kimberly Brown Cooper, Jen Kersey and Jon Bonomo. The meeting was attended by various inn keepers, restaurant owners, festival coordinators, festival participants and volunteers, as well as, members of the public. Attendance within the Kremer Conference Room was nearly standing room only.

President Jim Meece began the meeting thanking attendees for their time and began presenting the financials of the CVC and what those monies are used for. “We are going to show you how we raise our money and how we spend our money,” said Meece. “We are the marketing entity for all things pertaining to Parke County.” An aspect of the presentation worth noting is the well-rounded disbursement of marketing money. The group is well organized and intentional with those funds utilizing them for their website, social media, print media (i.e. newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.) and broadcast media. Acknowledging that it takes knowing your target audiences and pursuing the avenues they use in order to reach them.

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