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Rockville Town Council Addresses Multiple Project Needs


By Maggie Sockwell

Sentinel Reporter

Rockville Town Council met Monday, April 4 for their first April monthly meeting at Rockville Town Hall. Dave Brown, Council President called the meeting to order with members Brandy Asher, Clerk/Treasurer, Parke Swaim, Liddy Dowd-Wright, Jeff Eslinger, town liaison, Steve Farrington, Melissa Buell and Nick Sauter, town attorney present.

Cyndi Todd, Executive Director of Partnership. Parke County was first on the evening’s agenda. Todd discussed the water improvement project grant application to OCRA. A revised preliminary engineering report has been presented to the Town Council with an estimated cost of $2,754,895 which is higher than the original cost of $2,600,000. Todd stated the grant application deadline is April 29 and a public hearing is required for the grant application. The council needs to adopt a. resolution to adopt the revised preliminary engineering report. The water improvement project will include but not limited to new water lines, valves, hydrants  and treatment plant improvements. After discussion, the Council voted to adopt this revised report. A public hearing about this project and grant application is set for April 25 at 5 p.m. at the Rockville Town Hall. A notification of the meeting will be in a future edition of the Sentinel. Todd and the Council encourage members of the public attend this meeting. Sauter will draw up the resolution for the members to sign by April 13.

Eslinger, town liaison gave updates on several projects. The Community Crossings Grants are still waiting award notification, the water extension east project is on hold until August, and no updates were available for the water main repairs, hydrant replacements or the clarifier project and the blower replacement project at the waste water treatment plant.

Eslinger met with IMPA to discuss adding three phase power from Benjamins to Sill Street and install a switch to able to feed U.S. 36 east to the well fields. This would be part of the IMPA maintenance project and one dead tree will need to be removed to complete this project. This project is still in the preliminary stage.

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