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Commissioners Select Healthcare Plan For 2022

By Jessica Lancaster

Sentinel Editor

The Parke County Commissioners meeting began with a discussion into healthcare options for county employees. Key determining factors included cost percentages split between the county and employees, deduction requirements, stop loss ability and offerings. In the end the commissioners chose to make the change to Anthem after a final Q and A session with a representative from Brown and Brown of Indiana. The total cost of the insurance plan, HSA contributions and the health clinic is estimated around $1.8 million for 2022. Anthem will provide the following benefits to employees:

–reduction in monthly cost to the employee,

–deductibles for a family to become cumulative versus individual maximums

–coverage benefits remain the same

–continued HSA accounts

The county as a whole will see the ability to negotiate stop loss with other companies (resulting in reduced charges for services), split cost percentages more in line with state averages, fee-based charges for claims and premiums, and better payment options for a smoother process, to name a few.

For the full article, see this week’s edition of the Parke County Sentinel.