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New STEM Teacher


Rockville Elementary and Turkey Run Elementary students have a new special class available to them this year. Mike Grubb has moved from the third grade classroom at Rockville Elementary to traveling to both schools to teach a STEM class.  “I feel kids need to have hands-on experiences in school,” said Mike. “My goal is to teach problem-solving skills that many students are lacking in.”The new STEM class will include many lessons that involve science, technology, engineering and math. The students will be making three-dimensional models of real-life objects, fixing bugs in coding programs, and other hands-on interactive activities. “My goal is for students to be able to code and to be able to apply the code to hands-on projects such as robots and programs. Many times students think in black and white, they need more experience on how to fix problems.” Coding has become an important skill for many careers. Mike hopes to provide students with the skill to apply coding skills to aid them in future professions and to help them with problem solving.