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Archaeology in Rockville

DIGGING FOR TREASURE. A new adventure took place in town last week when Archaeologist Craig R. Arnold and his team set to work on the lawn of a home on the corner of Market and High Street. The home formerly known as the “Dr. Goss House” was built in 1907 upon land that was once occupied by a photo booth, blacksmith and harness shop, according to a historical map from 1883. The site was selected after a recommendation was made to the National Registry of Historical Renovations by Arnold. Once the dig begins, the team sifts through layer after layer until they reach subsoil setting aside anything that could carry historical relevance. As you see here, Arnold carefully took his time to see what treasures awaited him. “I have been doing this for 20 years and the fun part is always learning.” shared Arnold, who also shared that he enjoys seeing people’s curiosity when he is working. What the site revealed has yet to be shared. (Sentinel photo by Jessica Lancaster)