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Public Notice



Rosedale Town Council




WHEREAS, Rosedale Town Council members are currently elected or appointed based on districts confined within the boundaries of the Town;


WHEREAS, Indiana Code 36-5-2-4.1(h)(1) provides that the legislative body of a town of less than three thousand five hundred (3,500) people may adopt an ordinance abolishing town legislative body districts;


WHEREAS, Indiana Code 36-5-2-4.1(h)(2) provides that, upon the abolishment of town legislative body districts, all members of the legislative body shall be elected at-large;


WHEREAS, the Town of Rosedale has a population of less than three thousand five hundred (3,500) people; and


WHEREAS, abolishing legislative districts for members of the Town Council and converting all Town Council positions to at-large seats will promote a higher participation level in the election and/or appointment of members;


NOW, THEREFOE, be it ORDAINED as follows:


  1. Legislative districts in the Town of Rosedale are hereby abolished.


  1. All members of the Rosedale Town Council shall now be elected or appointed as at-large members, without regard to where the member resides within the boundaries of the Town.


  1. This ordinance shall be effective immediately upon its adoption.


Adopted on May 12, 2021, after an affirmative vote to suspend the rules and adopt in one reading.


John McMullen, Member

John W. McGlynn, Member

Carol A. Brown, Member

Rebecca Bailey, Member


Attest: Natalie J. Montgomery