North Central Parke Board Hears Staff Concerns On COVID-19

After hearing Superintendent Mike Schimpf’s report on the COVID-19 situation at the North Central Parke School Board Meeting November 11, 2020, several staff members raised serious concerns about enforcement of the mask policy and a perceived lack of administrative support for it.

Several staff members stated students were not following the mask policy very well, and when they tried to enforce it, they were met with resistance. Some stated they did not feel they had the full backing of the administration, including one who said support was good at only three of the four buildings. Several noted difficulties in issuing warnings, noting they had no way of knowing if a student had received warnings from other teachers or staff. After being reminded to input warnings into the Harmony computer system, some also noted they could not see other warnings, and they could not indicate that a disciplinary warning was specifically for violations of the mask policy. Some asked if the Harmony system could include a way to note that a warning for violations such as insubordination were specifically for the mask policy, and it was stated that could be done.

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