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That Familiar Fall Aroma

THAT FAMILIAR FALL AROMA. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have learned to respond and adapt to carry on their functions. The pandemic and shut-down has proven especially challenging for non-profit groups who frequently rely on large public fund-raising events for their financial support. The cancellation of nearly all festivals and many fairs and other special events has added to that burden. Parke County became the “poster child” for that effect with the cancellation of the Covered Bridge Festival. While many local businesses took advantage of the visitors who did come to see the county in a more “normal” state without the carnival atmosphere, non-profits struggled to find ways to capitalize on the decreased tourist trade. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church responded by simply pulling their Cruller shack to the front of their church lot and selling the festival favorites on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday schedule. Long lines curving around the street corner and waits of 45 minutes or longer greeted hungry customers (mostly locals) and kept volunteer cookers swamped. Pre-sale orders were taken prior to opening daily and some 800 of the sweet treats were requested before the first batch was cooked. (Sentinel photo by Larry Bemis)

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