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U.S. Senator Mike Braun Talks Issues With Local Folks

by Mark Spelbring

Sentinel Reporter

U.S. Senator Mike Braun shared his perspective on Washington, D. C. during a discussion with local business leaders and other citizens in Rockville on August 18, and said he has never seen two points of view so different. Braun said hopefully we can come through united and get something done.

Sen. Braun told a group of about 14 people gathered at The 36 Saloon that D.C. is almost a ghost town due to the coronavirus.  Braun said he doesn’t stay in D.C. over weekends, but instead comes home and goes back on Monday.  Braun noted that is his therapy of the real world for his new job, to come home to Indiana on weekends.  He noted he likes to hunt and fish, and hunt mushrooms a lot.

Sen. Braun. a Republican in his first term, noted new Senators are usually told to remain quiet for the first 3 years, but he is trying to speak out on issues because he doesn’t want to waste even a month.  He noted individual Senators don’t have much opportunity to work on details of legislation and they don’t have a lot of discussion, but instead often have packages dropped on them and have to vote up or down.  He said he would like to see that changed.

For the full article, see this week’s edition of the Parke County Sentinel.

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