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Beechwood Park Pool is Now Open

In terms of the how the pool will operate in accordance with CDC guidelines:
-We recommend social distancing (6 feet apart)
– Face coverings are recommended but not required
– Pool chairs will be distanced six feet apart along with picnic tables in the concession area
– We will enforce half capacity at 100 people until further notice by the governor.

The pool will also operate in three sessions to allow time for cleaning with prices as follows:
– 11am-12pm Adult Swim $1/person
– 12pm-2:45pm General Admission
– 3:15pm-6pm General Admission (both General admission sessions will be free for children 2 and under, $2 for children 3-17, and $3 per person 18 and over)

Parties can still be reserved after the normal hours of operation and before 10pm. Prices for parties are $25 for 1 hour and $50 for two hours.

Pool passes can be pre-purchased at $25 per person or once a person reaches $25 for admissions they will be given a pool pass.

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