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Public Notice – Parke County – Marshall



WHEREAS, the Town of Marshall is desirous of amending, clarifying, or repealing town ordinances concerning the disconnection and reconnection of Town Utilities.


  1. That this ordinance applies to all utilities operated by the Town of Marshall, including water usage.
  2. Customer bills for these utilities are due on the last day of each month with a fifteen (15) day grace period. lf customers exceed the 15-day grace period, (i.e. , fails to pay by the 15th of the month), utility services will be disconnected without any further notice.

3          Exceptions:  Utility  services  shall  not  be  disconnected  under  the  following conditions:

  1. UNUSUALLY LARGE BILL:           Utility      services     shall  not be disconnected if a customer or user is unable to pay a bill, which is unusually  large  due  to  a  prior  incorrect  reading  of  the  meter, incorrect application of the rate schedule, incorrect connection or functioning  of the meter, prior estimates  where no actual reading was taken for over two months,  stopped  or slow  meter, or any human or mechanical error of the Utility, and the customer:

(1)        Pays  a reasonable  portion  of the  bill, not to exceed  an amount equal to the customer’s average bill for the six (6) bills immediately proceeding the bill in question;

(2)        Agrees to pay the remaining at a reasonable rate;

(3)       Agrees to pay all undisputed future bills for service as they become due; provided,  however, that the Utility  may not add to the outstanding bill any late fee;

(4)         The terms of agreement shall be put in writing by the Town and  signed  by the  customer  and  a  representative  of  the Town.

  1. Utility services   shall   not   be   disconnected   where   otherwise prohibited by law.
  2. Utility services shall be restored as soon as reasonably possible, but within one (1) working day, when the outstanding bill and all other applicable fees are paid in full. In the event payment is made after regular business hours, utility services will not be re-connected until the following business day. Required fees to be paid for reconnection of utility services are as follows:
  3. Total amount of bill owed
  4. $50.00 reconnection fee
  5. That any existing Ordinances which are or may be in conflict with this Ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent that they conflict with this Ordinance.
  6. That this Ordinance shall take effect upon passage and due legal publication.

Unanimous consent of Town Council members present on the 2nd day of June 2020 to consider the ordinance on the same date as introduced.

Kevin Stewart

Darla Burgess

Larry R. Harmon

Approved by the Town Council on the 2nd day of June 2020.


Kevin Stewart

Darla Burgess

Larry R. Harmon

Dated this 2nd day of June 2020.


Kathy Wirth

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