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Notice of Project Submittal


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Reclamation, Abandoned Mine Land Program is preparing a project for submittal to the U.S. Office of Surface Mining to receive approval to use grant funds to reclaim this project. This site was selected pursuant to the approved Indiana State Abandoned Mine Land Plan, as amended. Sites eligible for reclamation under this program are those that were mined for coal or were disturbed by coal mining prior to August 3, 1977; or were mined for coal or disturbed by coal mining prior to July 26, 1982, and where available reclamation bond is inadequate for reclamation purposes; or were mined for coal or disturbed by coal mining prior to November 5, 1990, and the surety company has become insolvent.

Written comments or requests for additional information should be filed within thirty days of this notice. If sufficient written interest is expressed by residents proximal to the intended reclamation site, a public meeting may be scheduled. Those interested in responding to this notice should address all communication to:

Andy Ripley

Field Operations Coordinator

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Division of Reclamation

14619 West State Road 48

Jasonville IN 47438-7056

Site 2337

This site is located at 8448 S. Coxville Rd., Rosedale in Florida Township, Parke County, Indiana. It is in the Mecca USGS 7.5’ Quadrangle and in Township 14N, Range 8W, Section 22. The site consists of a subsidence that is approximately 30 feet in diameter, and 10-16 feet in depth. Reclamation will consist of excavating the subsidence to a stable base and backfilling with aggregate. The aggregate will be topped with soil produced from the excavation, and all disturbed areas will be revegetated.

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