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The Town of Rockville Earns Award

ROCKVILLE EARNS SAFETY GRANT AWARD. The Indiana Public Employers’ Plan, Inc. (IPEP) has announced the Town of Rockville as a recipient of its 2020 safety grant award. IPEP partnered with Clerk-Treasurer Brandy Asher, along with Karla Losin of Parke Financial Services to maximize opportunities to promote a safe work environment and assist with stretching their risk management resources. The grant funds will be used to purchase safety equipment or safety training programs that will reduce or limit workers’ compensation exposure. Pictured are (from left) Aaron Alsup, IPEP Senior Risk Management Specialist; Brandy Asher, Clerk-Treasurer; Liddy Dowd-Wright, Town Council President; Karla Losin, Insurance Agent, Branson Insurance and Bonds; and Mandi Lientz, Rockville Special Projects manager. IPEP was created in 1989 as a risk-sharing pool for public entities, as a response to the need for public employers to find affordable workers’ compensation coverage. IPEP has grown to provide workers’ compensation claims administration for more than 700 public entities including cities, towns, counties and schools. (Sentinel photo by Larry Bemis)

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