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All of This

ALL OF THIS? Santa Claus must be overwhelmed this time of year with lists from youngsters around the globe. In addition to personal “meet-and-greets” like this one on the Courthouse square in Rockville and the traditional letter to Santa, the more technology driven young of today resort to fax machines, email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter to get their requests in to the Jolly Old Elf. Not to be outdone, Santa likely has some “hacker-Elves” busy checking up on some of  these youngsters’ posts on various “social media” accounts and maybe even “eaves-dropping”  on your phone, cell phone or email accounts. With security cameras everywhere and check-points at airports, train and bus stations, it gets more difficult each year for boys and girls to get into mischief and not get caught! “Fessing-up” while sitting on Santa’s lap might be a case of “too little, too late.” It’s doubtful that Bentlee Lancaster, seven-year-old son of Zach and Jessica Lancaster of Rockville has too much to admit to that mom and dad haven’t caught, but he did bring along his written list for Santa’s consideration. Santa’s helper, Kim Grayless, helps the boss keep track of all those lists when he heads back to the North Pole. It seems fitting that St. Nicholas would receive requests for gifts in a small shack, reminiscent of the type of manger that was the location of arrival of God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind more than two millennia ago. Despite the busy hustle and bustle that the commercialization of the Christmas season has brought, wise men still seek him. (Sentinel photo by Jessica Lancaster)

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