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Ivy Tech ‘Cob and Cog’ competition results announced

Ivy Tech Community College Terre Haute hosted the ‘Cob and Cog’ Agriculture and Engineering competition for area high school students Friday, September 27. 700 students from 20 high schools attended. The event, sponsored by Duke Energy, provided high school students an opportunity to problem-solve challenges in the areas of technology, engineering, agriculture, and precision agriculture. There were 21 competitions including “Power Tool Drag Race,” “GPS Mapping,” “Drones,” “Quiz Bowl,” and more.

Participating high schools included Bloomfield, Clay City, Cloverdale, Dugger, Greencastle, Hutsonville, North Central, North Vermillion, Northview, Parke Heritage, Riverton Parke, Shakamak, South Putnam, South Vermillion, Terre Haute North and South Vigo, and White River Valley, and WRCTE Career Center. Chrisman and Paris High Schools from Illinois also participated.

The winners include:

Chrisman High School

First- John Phipps; Second- Alexis McDonald, Kendl Lemmon.

Clay City

First- Clay City; First- Levi Adams, Clayton Hines, Elyssa Seacrest, Kristen Ream; Second- Elliot Rogers, Blake Patterson, Nate Owens, Ethan Rogers; Second- Cambri Booe, Emily Hyatt, Baylee Fidler; Second- Carlee Unger, Tori Schopmeyer, Clayton Stone; Second- Caden Cannon, Wesley Langley, Drew Schultz.


First- Morgan Goss, Gabby Roberts, Sarah Baker, Angel Franklin; Second- Macie Couch, Phoebe McDonald, Sydney Willis, Ashton Betz.


Second- Isiah Manuel, Jocelyn Astleford, Lynnisha Medley.


First- Gabe White, Hyrum Hap.


First- Preston Nuckols, Alex Crabb, Harley Ford, Wesley Helliger; Second- Chauncey Harbour, Owen Hunsicker, Justin Dickenson, Noah Mishler; Second- Cy Jacob, Rylie Vitz, Ramey Vitz; Second- Jordan Hardey, Steve Rodgers, Gregory Carter.

Parke Heritage

Second- Zander Fullingham, Josh Thurman.

Riverton Parke

First- Kayrae Chapman, Ray Brown, Maddie Daley, Emilee Hartzler; First- Lauren Nolan, Margot Akers, Natalie Harkrider; First- BJ Hopton, Chance Mullinix, Adrian Stutler, Mallory Oxford; Second- Logan Harrison, Aiden Virostko, Blake Miller.


First- Ethan Webb, Coda Keller, Bron Lambermont; First- Josiah Wright, Kody Slough, Joe Lorenzo; Second- Emme Smith, Shaley Buchanan, Sam Goodman, Brylea Barton.

South Putnam

First- Hailee Young, Jimmi Clark.

South Vermillion

First- Nolan Williams, Knic Royer, Cale Royer, Easton Terry; Second- Nathan Andrews, Logan McLaren, Asaac Wanninger.

Terre Haute North Vigo

First- Cole Bunch, Brandon Greene, Drew Goshen; Second- Chris Richardson, Bohi Morlan, Pete Burns, Caleb Robinson; Second- Jonathan Eades, Tifany Foster; Second- Garrett Wrightsman, James Krantz, Brooklyn Orndorff, Carter Mason.

Terre Haute South Vigo

First- Alex Shotwell, Matt Baker, David Robertson, Cody Harden; First- Cole Davis, Zak Pemberton, Logan Thomson, Jalen Clark; First- Caleb Gackie, Christopher Bland, Briley Agsbery, Corbin Barrett; First- Evan Hubbard, Dillon Jarrett, Mayagyn Grimm, Imillyuvn Wilson; Second- Hailey Agresta, Katie Dudley, Kacie Dudley, Harlie Dycus; Second- Edward Hall, Kyla Beard, McCartney Johnson, Autumn Scarbrough.

White River Valley

First- Jailyn Lundy, Caitlin Emmons, Sydney Davidson; First- Austin Royer, Brady Burks, Ryan Burks, Ryan Hamm, Jackson Hale.

WRCTE Career Center

First- Otto Richardson, Michael Ray; Second- Gavin Kelly, Jordan Vanarsdale, Noah Cook, Silas Kilgore.

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