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SWP Community School Corporation: Request for Quote


4851 SOUTH COXVILLE ROAD MONTEZUMA, IN 47862 (765) 569-2073




The Southwest Parke Community School Corporation seeks quotes for site development at 517 East Strawberry Road, Montezuma, IN. The quote is to include all costs related to permit acquisition and management, demolition of the vacant structures while removing and controlling for any potential environmental hazards identified in a Phase 1 study, removal of tree(s) and/or shrubbery, disposal of all related debris, leveling and back fill with substrate and whiterock suitable for parking.


The quote should be detailed regarding the scope of the work to be performed and

associated costs.


For consideration, please submit a written quote as identified above and proof of proper

license, insurance, and bond for such work to:


Philip T. Harrison, Ph.D., Superintendent Southwest Parke Community School Corporation

4851 South Coxville Road Montezuma, IN 47862


Questions regarding the quote or the scope of the project may be directed to the same.


Quotes must be received by the close of business on Friday, August 30, 2019 for full



The Southwest Parke Community School Corporation retains the right to accept or

reject any quote received.

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