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Rocky Hollow Trails Repairs

ROCKY HOLLOW TRAIL REPAIRS. Since November, Rocky Hollow has been closed to hikers. Rocky Hollow is located just north of the Suspension Bridge on trail 3 at Turkey Run State Park. This canyon is one of the most hiked locations in Indiana. To help preserve the natural beauty in this location, trail repairs are being made. The main goal is to define where the trail is. Over the years, the amount of foot traffic in that area has widened and split the trail creating a network of rogue trails. To the average visitor, it’s impossible to tell the difference between the rogue trails and the park created trail. The repairs will consist of creating designated water crossings with native stone, preventing erosion by rock cribbing and protecting the natural springs. The entire project is expected to finish in late spring. However, Rocky Hollow floods annually in spring so the project may be delayed until summer. All other parts of the park are open, including Bear Hollow, Turkey Hollow, Falls Canyon, Boulder Canyon, and Gypsy Gulch. (photo submitted)

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