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Legal Notice Duke Energy: Montezuma



Public notice is hereby given to affected property owners pursuant to 170 IAC 4-9-4(f) that within two (2) to six (6) weeks of the date of this notice, weather permitting, Duke Energy Indiana, LLC will be performing vegetation management as part of its power line maintenance program in the area described below. As part of this project, one of its contractors that employ State Licensed Pesticide Applicators to apply Duke Energy approved herbicides to clear the Right of Way of vegetation in order to provide safe and reliable electric service. Vegetation management will be performed in/near the town of Montezuma on or near streets identified below:

Along S. County Rd. 275 E. from E. County Rd.775 S. E. County Rd. 1000 S.

Main St. from S. Water St. to IN-36

The date this notice is published initiates the two (2) week period for calculating implied consent by an affected property owner under 170 IAC 4-9. If you have any questions you may contact the Duke Energy Vegetation Management toll free number, 866-385-3675.

Duke Energy Indiana, LLC

Vegetation Management Department

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