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Sheriff Justin Cole Releases Annual Report For 2018

The Parke County Sheriff’s Office detailed the following information in their 2018 Year-End Stats report:

Calls received: Non 911 calls, 42,744; 911 calls, 7227.

Accidents: Property damage, 259; personal injury, 37; fatal, zero.

Case Reports: Child abuse, 11; burglaries, 40; thefts, 81; auto thefts, nine; rape, three; suicide, four; arson, five.

Sampling of arrests/jail book-ins:  murder, one; attempted murder, one; armed robbery, one; kidnapping, one; burglary, 21; posession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, two; battery with a deadly weapon, two; battery on law enforcement, six; other batter, 56; resisting law enforcement, 13; criminal confinement, two; strangulation, three; auto theft, five; theft, 51; dealing methamphetamine, 10; dealing controlled substance, three; dealing marijuana, one; posession of syringe, 21; warrants, 89.

Sampling of charges filed by court: Child molesting, five; other sex offenses, four; posession of marijuana, 214; posession of methamphetamine, 62, posession of cocaine, one; posession of controlled substance, 18; OWI vehicle, 70; OWI boat, eight.

The Parke County Jail processed 868 total arrests in 2018. The average daily inmate population was 80, including a daily average of 17 females and 18 Department of Correctios and Other County inmates. A total of $216,000 was generated by housing DOC and other county inmates, bringing the four-year total to more than $1,000,000.

The jail served 90,138 inmate meals. The jail has 90 beds, and the average inmate stay was 180 days.

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