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Two-Moon Journey

The Indiana Historical Society (IHS) Press announces the release of Two-Moon Journey: The Potawatomi Trail of Death by Peggy King Anderson. The book tells the fictional but historically inspired tale of a young Potawatomi girl named Simu-quah and her family and friends who were forced from their village at Twin Lakes, near Plymouth, Indiana, where they had lived for generations.

Historically, the journey taken by Simu-quah and her family is known as the Potawatomi Trail of Death. Like the real Potawatomi, Simu-quah lives with the vision of soldiers setting fire to her home and the rest of the Twin Lakes village as she takes her first steps to a distant westward land.

Along her journey, Simu-quah experiences the heat and exhaustion of endless days of walking; helps nurse sick children and the elderly in a covered wagon that is ill-smelling, hot and airless; sleeps beside strange streams and caves; and begins to turn from hating the soldiers to seeing them as people. She plants corn seeds she saved from her Indiana home and turns away from the bitterness of removal in order to find forgiveness, the first step in the journey of her new life in Sugar Creek, Kansas.

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