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Parke County Ordinance

Parke County Ordinance

Number 2018-03

Special Event Transient

Merchant Wine Tasting

Whereas Parke County Board of Commissioners recognizes the value of agribusiness and agritourism as being major components of the economic health of Parke County and the surrounding area;

And whereas Parke County Board of Commissioners wishes to encourage such agribusiness and agritourism at the local level;

And whereas the Parke County Board of Commissioners recognizes the Farm Winery business in the State of Indiana as a part of that agribusiness and agritourism;

And whereas the Parke County Board of Commissioners understands the value of wine tasting as a major contributor to the economic success of those Farm Wineries;

And whereas the Parke County Board of Commissioners recognizes the value of the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival as an oppourtunity to expand the business of those wineries while maintaining the family friendly atmosphere of the Parke Covered Bridge Festival;

Therefore, the Parke County Board of Commissioners establishes the following requirements which must be met by such wineries in order to permit wine tasting to take place during their business operations under the properly issued Transient Merchant License (TML);

  1. Must be holder of a Farm Winery License issued by the State of Indiana and provide a copy of the license.
  2. Must provide a notification of an Indiana State Excise approval for Trade Show or Exposition for this specific event and dates.
  3. All tasting must be done within the confines of the location for which they were given the Transient Merchant License.
  4. All tasting must be administered by an employee or owner of at least 21 years of age.
  5. There can be no charge or fee paid to the vendor for such wine tasting.
  6. Tasting will be made by the use of cups with one ounce or less capacity.
  7. Vendors must meet all of the requirements as specified by statutes of the State of Indiana.
  8. This permission applies only to those products identified by statute as wine and manufactured by the permitted Farm Winery and in no way permits the tasting of distilled spirits or any other type of alcoholic beverage or any product from license other than Farm Winery.
  9. Any violations of these requirements will result in a fine of $500 to the owner of the business in whose name the Transient Merchant License was issued and a $250 fine to each person committing the violation. Fines will be imposed for each violation and for each day in violation.

Be it ordained , this 2nd day of July, 2018

Parke County Board of Commissioners:

Jim Meece, Commissioner

Dan Collom, Commissioner

Bruce Hartman, Commissioner


Pam Adams, Auditor

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